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Ala noodle Pundong, From the spicy to savory

Quite a while ago I heard about the joy miedes, the typical noodle Pundong Bantul. Located at 20 km from the city center to the south. Opportunity to sample the culinary noodles finally came when a friend invited me Pundong and friends to talk about rural tourism will be developed in Srihardono Pundong. Discussion is not with me, but with a friend who happened to many involved in the travel world:-D

After chatting for a long time, finally around 20.00 hours we were invited to one of the stalls that sell Miedes. Name of the shop is quite frightening, the point Miedes Boomber! Stalls belonging to Mr. Yono's day-to-day could spend a few pounds bakmi.Warung provides several menu like fried miedes, miedes godhog and magelangan. I myself chose miedes godhog when it happened because it was a bit chilly.
Miedes made ​​using cassava starch base material which is then sliced. Noodle shape is not round like noodles usually but a little box. Interestingly, prior to the noodles are cooked first weighed to measure portions.
After waiting a while, I godhog miedes message came. Hmm .... Miedes Apparently this is absolutely delicious, even if "only" is presented by using eggs and no meat chicken. Bakminya little more chewy than noodles in general.

One bowl is if no one miedes price is Rp 5,000, -.
Cheap is not it? Please stop by.

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