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Favorite foods from Jogjakarta

When  we visited in Jogjakarta do not complete it if we do not try this delicious BakpiaPathuk.Bakpia very tasty and nutritious because it is made from natural ingredients without preservatives.

Food that is made of natural materials such as:
1.Green Beans
2.Wheat Flour
3.Vegetable Oil
4.Granulated Sugar

And How to cook anything with if put into the oven until cooked.

This Bakpia beginning of the year 1978 at No. 75 street Pathuk established agrocery store that provides Bakpia which is still maintained its existence pal.
Over time these foods became the mascot of Jogjakarta in addition gudeg.Setiaptime coming holiday seasonvisitors or tourists who come to Yogyakarta many who come to the place ini.Tidak Pathuk very rare along the road-bulk bertumpah peoplepassing by to buy foods that are known to be very healthy ini.If people to Yogyakartasurely he or they will bring a souvenir Bakpia to her sister and brother.

Now this spread Bakpia street sellers PathukNgampilanYogyakarta with the name of the store as their road numbers occupy. and so on has created a sense of a new variantnot only the taste of green beansbut no chocolate, strawberriescheese and durian.They compete in a healthy manner.

A number of tourists visiting Yogyakarta many are addicted to buying Bakpia Pathuk, When you go to Jogja?? Come to Jogja and taste this delicious food!

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