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Pecel, traditional food favorites

                     Pecel, one of the culinary typical of Central Java and Yogyakarta. Collection of vegetables that have been boiled, usually consisting of bean sprouts, kale, spinach, beans and other spices washed down by a typical pecel made from peanuts.Hmmm .... yummmiiii In the city of Yogyakarta there is a legendary place that sells this unique culinary, located around the campus of the University of Gadjah Mada.His name: SGPC Bu Wirjo 1959, the SGPC itself an abbreviation of the word Sego Pecel (Rice Pecel). Seasonings that fit batter pecel a mainstay of places to eat this one, it presents the peanut flavor sweet and spicy flavors that are perfectly integrated so as to make opium for many people, including me:) Hardly ever trip to Yogyakarta pass without coming to this place Create an apartment, we can choose a variety of fried foods, ranging from tempeh, tofu, gendar crackers, crackers aci, sunny side up, bakwan and so forth. My favorite still sunny side up, the most fitting pecel collided with spice ...

                      In addition pecel sego, SGPC Bu Wirjo also provides other major food is rice soup.Soup with rice noodles, carrots, potatoes and other vegetables. We can also choose the "topping" is like spinach soup and meat. It was, seger masss banged ...Native spices really make this dish a rich flavor. Not rich soup usually is:)

Oh yes, the price of food here is really friendly with the bag, I not know the price per item. But I ate two of the details are as follows:- 1 Rice Pecel- 1 Rice Soup Meat- 1 egg Ceplok- 5 pieces of fried foods (tofu and tempeh)- 1 Tomato Juice- 1 Sweet Tea
Yes maximum total price for this:Total: Rp. 27000.00. Cheap is not it?
          "Serving at GMU(University of Gajah Mada) since 1959," the tagline is written on the board the name of this restaurant. Yes, I have ever read in Kompas, this dining spot has become one of the students favorite place to eat UGM because UGM complex located in the area, right on the edge of the gutter Mataram. In fact, because when consumers pay the required honesty, sometimes students are pockets in this flat in nyatut, aka Darmaji (Dahar five amit Siji). But Mom does not care because Wirjo understand the economic conditions of these students. This is to bear fruit when they are all ready-made men, and go back to where Mrs. Wirjo to "pay the debts" her in the past.Maintaining the feel ndesonya, go to places to eat, we are presented with the feel of home with the floor, benches and tables "old days" of music accompanied by live acoustic songs brought a lot of old days as well. Eating here really brings us the nature of consciousness that: "Yes, we are again in Yogyakarta":))

Come to Jogja game and do not forget to enjoy the authentic cuisine of this student town. !

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